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SAM Magazine celebrates artists, authors and motorcycle enthusiasts. Discover the creatives behind the art and stories. Learn about the author’s journey when writing that scene in a 1945’s airplane. Or, the storm, or motorcycle that captured an artist’s eye. SAM, the magazine that celebrates connection and creativity.

This first issue features amazing fiction and interview excerpts, and diverse artists. I’m proud to feature new authors as well. Check out Katie Kirker’s short story The Cottage on Oak Court. Sheryl Rothert, author of the book, FOUND: Health, Wellness and Time in a Grocery Bag, will be a regular contributor to the magazine, discussing eating habits and financial advice. As well as excerpts from the 2022 Canadian Book Club Award winners, Craig, Colby, Jane Enright and Kaitlyn Kenealy. Sister Act highlights artist Stella Kent and author Winona Kent

SAM Magazine Ebook

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